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あなたは美しい! You are beautiful!!! 

This is something I want to share with all women


自分になかなか自信が持てない人、自分の外見や内面を受け入れられない人・・・ いつも自分を責めたり、落ち込んでしまう人がとても多いなぁ・・・って思う。
So many people have low self-esteem and have difficulties accepting their appearance and their personalities... So many people are so hard on themselves and get depressed often.

I used to be like that too.

I didn't like myself and I was always struggling with ups and downs... I was suffering from inferiority complex.

だけど、イエスを受け入れてから、神様がありのままの私を愛してくれている・・・イエスを通して、私は私のままでいいんだ! って知ることができた。
But I realised that God loves me just as I am. And because of Jesus, I can be myself.


Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you (Isaiah 43:4)

誰の真似をしなくてもいい。 欠点を探さなくてもいい。 与えられた自分を磨けばいいんだって知ってから楽になった!!
I don't have to copy someone. I don't have to find my weaknesses. I just have to polish what God has already given me. I felt so free when I realised this.

Then I started to think that I wanted to celebrate being a woman.

それから独身の時から日曜日は神様とのデートの日!ってぐらい、オシャレをしてた♪ だって大好きな人と会う時はお気に入りの洋服を着ていくでしょ?(^^)
And since then even when I was single, I wore my favorite clothes on Sundays because I have a "date" with God! (LOL)  Because you'll wear your favorite clothes if you are meeting someone SPECIAL , right?

I want to tell this to people who are just like me before.

あなたは神様の最高傑作☆ 凄く価値のある存在なんだよ(^^)
You are God's masterpiece.... You are soooo precious!


It says in the Bible that we were created by God.

神様は私の体の各器官を造り、母の胎内で組み立て てくださいました。こんなにも複雑に素晴らしく仕上げてくださったことを感謝します。その腕前は天下一品だと、よくわかっております。秘密の工房で私を組 み立てるとき、神様は立ち合われました。生まれる前から、まだ呼吸を始める前から、神様の目には私に注がれており、その生涯に渡るご計画も練り上げられて いたのです (詩篇139:13-16)(リビングバイブル訳)
You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out  before a single day had passed. (Psalm 139:13-16)

あなたは偶然生まれてきたわけではないんだよ☆ あなたの身長、人種、性格、情熱、環境はすべて神様の計画。
You are not an accident! God thought of you and knew you even before your parents came together. God knows why He made you the way you are: your height, your color, your personality, passions, circumstances etc.


同じ指紋をもった人は存在しないこと、知ってる? 一卵性の双子でも指紋は違うんだって。
Do you know that no one else has the same fingerprints as you? Even identical twins have different fingerprints.

You are custom-made and designed to accomplish something special on earth that is unique to you.


I've seen so many people who have realised this truth through this blog, church, lifegroup etc.... and have changed dramatically.

Those people didn't smile that much at first, but now they are shining!!! They were able to change to that extent because of Jesus.


True beauty comes from knowing God's love and being filled with it.

ジーザスライフハウスの女の子達は内側も外側もとっても美しい! ・・・というのも彼女達はもう他の人のようにならなくて良いということを知ったから。
Girls in Jesus Lifehouse are so beautiful from the inside out. That's because they realised that they don't have to be like others.

They learned to accept and love their true selves and brush up what God has already given them!  


だから、もっとたくさんの女性に知って欲しい・・・ 神様の愛を知って、自分の価値を知って、キラキラした毎日を歩んでいく女性をもっともっとみていきたい!
I want more people to know this... I want people to realise God's love and discover their true values and live a life full of excitement!

クリスチャンの女性にメッセージ To Christian women: 

To Christian girls:
God created you and I as a woman, so let's want to embrace that... work on ourselves more and shine!!! Love God and yourself and the people around you and keep on shining!!

全ての女の子は輝くダイアモンドの原石だって信じてる。 神様を知っている女性は、完璧ではなくてもありのままの自分を愛せるようになることによって、輝ける!!
I believe there’s a diamond inside every girl. I believe women who know God can shine everyday as they learn to love who they are, no matter how far they are from perfect.


まだ神様を知らないあなたへ If you don't  know God yet:

自分も心の土台が欲しい・・・! 喜びに満たされた生活をおくりたい・・・!最高の人間関係を築きたい!という人はまず最初の一歩を踏み出してみて☆
If you want to build the foundation for your life, if you want to live a life full of joy and build great realtionships, please take the first step!

あなたも神様をしったらピカピカの美しいプリンセスになれる!!! だってそういう風になる為に神様はあなたのことをデザインしたから!!!
If you find God, you can become a shining princess as well!!! Because God has designed you to become His beautiful princess!!!! 

So let's shine more for God!!!!

求めれば、与えられます♪ (マタイ7:7)
If you seek, it will be given to you (Matthew 7:7)


Those who are reading this blog today, we are looking forward to meeting you!!

「はじめは一人じゃいきずらいなぁ。。。」と思っている人も、大丈夫!! 毎週はじめての人たちたくさんいるし(インターネットからきてくれる人たちも) よかったら待ち合わせて一緒にいきましょう!
If you are thinking, "I feel awkward because I don't know these people" it's okay! We always have new people coming every week (from Internet as well) and we can meet up and go to church together :)

I can guarantee that it's going to be so much fun! Even if you are not a Christian, please come if you fit into the following category!

If you are interested in God

If you like English and want to make friends from all over the world!

If you like music! (Rock, pop)

If you like fun environment!

If you want to laugh a lot!

まずはチャーチ にきてください♪
Please come to church!!!


チャーチはみんなのためにある場所だから! ジーザスライフハウスには毎週新しい人たくさん来てます!クリスチャンじゃない人もいっぱい!!!
Church is for EVERYONE!!!! We always have new people in Jesus Lifehouse! We have those who are not Christians too :)

We have Tuesday night service and Sunday church so please come along to any of those.

Please Email us if you want to come!   

あなただけでなく興味があるあなたの友達も もちろん連れて来てくださいね!!!
If you have any other friends who are interested, please come along with your friends!

We're waiting to see you!!!!


たくさんの人に読んでほしいので、下のバナーをクリックしてください! ありがとう!!!
Please click the banner below once a day, so more people can read my blog:) Thank you!!!!


にほんブログ村 哲学・思想ブログ キリスト教へ


Those of you who are living in Kansai Area

Please come to our Sunday Church this Sunday!


The venue is in TB Hall, Shinsaibashi!

Let's meet at Exit 6 Shinsaibashi station at 1pm

地図はココ This is the map↓




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