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ゆきまさのストーリー Yukimasa's STORY


I'll continue with the interview series :)

This is for more people to know about JESUS LIFEHOUSE OSAKA....

I interviewed few people who come to this church.

Today I will introduce Yukimasa!!


1) クリスチャンになってからどれぐらい?
How long have you been a Christian?

母親がクリスチャンだったので、小さいころから、自分が育った田舎で教会に行ってました。 でも、自分の意志で「本気で神様について行きたい!」って決断したのは15歳の時です。
My mum is a Christian so I used to go to the church at the country town where I've grown up since I was little. But I decided to follow God wholeheartedly when I was 15.

2) どうやってジーザスライフハウス大阪にきはじめた?
How did you start coming to Jesus Lifehouse Osaka?

One of my friends told me that there is a passionate church in Osaka, so I saw the website and came here.


3) なんで、イエス受け入れた? 受け入れてから1番変わったことは?
Why did you receive Jesus? What changed the most since you received Jesus?

I didn't want a life without purpose and die and I didn't want to be wavered by different values that looks correct on the surface but missing the mark.

But when I entered highschool, I had this thought.


"Only God who made this world and myself know the purpose of my life. I want to follow that God who knows the best way for me and has the right values for my life. I want to live a life full of God given purpose and really enjoy my life!"

That is why I received Jesus.


■受け入れてから一番変わったことは、バランスの良い人に変えられてるってことやと思います。 昔は、「超まじめで堅い」「ひたすら一直線」「無口で笑わない」「表面的な友達しかできない」「このまま行くと将来仕事だけのパパになる」「むしろ結婚できるかさえ微妙」って性格の男でした。
What has changed the most since I received Jesus is that I am becoming well balanced. Before I used to be "super serious and stiff" "going one direction" "quiet and don't smile" "can only make superficial friends" "likely to become a workaholic father if I didn't change" "don't know whether I will be able to get married."

But now, I love hanging out with my friends that I love, I am passionate about studying and I can be relaxed, I smile more, I love talking, I have best friends who can encourage each other and I have a strong dream that in the future I will be dedicated with work and family and become a good father!

Now my foundation is God's value (based on Bible) , "What is real love" and "Loving God and people"  that's why God is changing me to become a well balanced person.   


4) 仕えてるチームは?
What team do you serve in?

I serve in worship team. I play the guitar and sing.
Also, I serve in the visual team (CGI) and create screens for messages.
Also on Saturday we do Streetband! We perform in Namba around 7-8pm so please come along and meet us!   


5) 仕えてるチームのここがすき!
What I love about my team.

Everyone is SUPER PASSIONATE! I love seeing their bright smiles!

6) ずばり、今のビジョンは?
What is your vision now?

I want to become a great guy who will lead the current generation in Japan. Also, I want to become the person who can raise young leaders who will lead the next generation!

7) 今、教会にこようかどうか悩んでる神様知らないひとへのメッセージ!
Anything you want to say to people who are thinking to come to church or not?

I was at first really nervous about coming to this church but I am so glad that I did!
Now I have millions of great friends!! Please come!! 

8) ジーザスライフハウス大阪のPR お願いします!
What can you say about Jesus Lifehouse Osaka?

ジーザスライフハウス♪ 君のライフハウス♪ 大阪ハウス! 来てや!
Jesus Lifehouse♪ is your Lifehouse ♪ Come and visit us!


9) 最後に好きな聖書箇所一つ教えてください
What is your favorite scripture?



Joshua 1:9!! New Living Translation

This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”


Why don't you come to Jesus Lifehouse Osaka too?
Church is for EVERYONE!!!!
We always have new people in Jesus Lifehouse!

We have Tuesday night service and Sunday church so please come along to any of those.

Please Email us if you want to come!   

あなただけでなく興味があるあなたの友達も もちろん連れて来てくださいね!!!
If you have any other friends who are interested, please come along with your friends!

We're waiting to see you!!!!


たくさんの人に読んでほしいので、下のバナーをクリックしてください! ありがとう!!!
Please click the banner below once a day, so more people can read my blog:) Thank you!!!!


にほんブログ村 哲学・思想ブログ キリスト教へ


Those of you who are living in Kansai Area

Please come to our church on Sunday!!

You are going to enjoy the awesome atmosphere, life-changing message, Jesus Lifehouse Band!! 


The first service will be at 12.30pm

- 子供向けのキッズチャーチ、幼児向けのトドラーズがあります
This service will have Kids church and Toddlers

The Remix service will be at 2pm

待ち合わせ場所は毎週、心斎橋出口6番で、12時 or 1.30PMに集まります。
Let's meet at exit 6 Shinsaibashi station at 12pm or 1.30pm.


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