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ジョン・マクスウェルのメッセージ (pt2) John Maxwell's message (part 2)

This is continued from my last post... John Maxwell's message.


2) リーダーは持ちこたえることができるように神様の視点をもっている
Leaders possess a God perspective which allows them to endure

 私たちはあきらめません。あきらめられますか?たとえ外側がボロボロになっているように見えても、私たちの内側は、神様が新しい命をつくっているところは、神様の恵みなしで一日がすぎることはないのです。将来の最高の時、最高の祝いと比べたら、今の困難な状況はちっちゃなイモみたいなものです。目で見えるものよりも更に深いのです。今見えているものは、明日なくなっています。でも、今見えていないものは永遠に続きます。(2コリント4:16 メッセージバイブル、いずみ直訳)

So we're not giving up. How could we! Even though on the outside it often looks like things are falling apart on us, on the inside, where God is making new life, not a day goes by without his unfolding grace. These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. There's far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can't see now will last forever. (2 Corinthians 4:16 The Message)

Leaders see more than others see and see things before other people see.

Paul was bigger on the inside than outside.

The things on the outside didn't control the inside.

When you are bigger on the outside than the inside, you are eventually going to fall apart.

John Maxwell said, "Leader is an inside job!"


It's not what you see on the outside, it is about what you know on the inside.

もっと外側よりも内側(心)を強くしていかないといけない。 外側で起きていることが内側を影響しないように。
You need to be bigger on the inside than on the outside so that the things happening on the outside don't change the inside.

Basically, we have to be thinking bigger than the people we're leading, and being confident of the things in our hearts.

そして、外側で起きることに揺るがされないこと。 悪魔は私たちを陥れようとしている。特に外側を攻撃する。
We need to not be shaken by the things that will come at us, since the devil is looking for ways to bring us down, and it'll start on the outside.

If we're bigger on the inside, whatever happens on the outside it won't change what's on the inside!! 


photos from: http://hillsongconference.com/highlights 

パウロがいってたのはこのこと。 彼の人生、外側だけみたら、最悪な状況に陥っていた。 でも、パウロがもっている神様の視点からみると、内側には喜びと平安があった。それが内側にある違うもの。
This was what Paul was telling them in response to the fact that it looked like his life was falling apart at the seems from an outside perspective. But from the God perspective that Paul had, he had joy and peace, and that's the difference of the inside.

John Maxwell really spoke from his heart.

ジョンは話ながら、何度も涙がこみあげていた。 私が一番感動したのは、彼のイエスに対する情熱。
He even teared up a few times as he was speaking. What really moved me was his passion towards Jesus.

ジョンはいった。 「私は若いころ、何でもわかっていた。何でも答えを知っていた。でも、これだけはいわせてほしい。年を重ねると、わからなくなることが多い。 でも、確信がもてるもの(イエス)については今まで以上に更に確信が大きくなる。」
He said, "I used to be know-it-all when I was young. I was so certain. But let me tell you this...As you get older, you become a bit less certain about things in life, but the things you are certain of (Jesus), you have never been more certain of."

イエスがいるだけで十分。 彼こそが私たちが確信のもてる存在。 めっちゃパワフルなメッセージでした!!
Jesus is enough. He is what we can be confident about! This was such a powerful message :)

I will share other messages from the Conference later if I have the chance!


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and Church time is going to change from August 14th!

1回目の礼拝が12:00スタートになります。 (今週までは12:30)
First service will start from 12pm (12:30 until this week)

Second service will start from 14:00 as usual!


The reason for this change is so that we can have longer breaks between the services and form communities!!

1回目、12時の回は、メッセージも聖書に基づいたリーダーシップとかビジネスに実践的に役立つことを話すよ☆ キッズチャーチや赤ちゃんむけのトドラーズのプログラムがあるので、家族の人は是非1回目にきてください!
First service messages will focus on leadership and practical things from the bible that will help people in business. Also, we have Kid's church and Toddler's program in the first service so we recommend families to come to the first one!


学生パワー凄い! 14日からリミックスも更にパワーアップ間違いなし☆ もちろん、学生ではない人もリミックスの雰囲気が好きな人は大歓迎です!

And REMIX is going off right now with heaps of students!! Students are going wild!!
I know that from 14th onwards it's going to get crazier!! (in a good way) Ofcourse if you are not a student but love our REMIX service, we welcome you!! 


是非、毎週通い続けたい礼拝を選んで、一緒に盛り上げましょう!! 両方きたい人はもちろん、両方もオッケーだよ☆
Let's choose a service that you really want to commit too and let's build it together! Ofcourse if you want to come to both, that's great too!




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