もう一度ピュアになれる You can be pure again!

聖書に基づいた 熱い結婚・セックス シリーズ続きます!!!
I will continued with HOT MARRIAGE and SEX based on the Bible.

If you haven't read it yet, you can read the INTRODUCTION.


Some of you might be thinking like this as you were reading the previous posts.

What do you do if you already had sex in the past?

バージンがすくないのは知っている。 特に途中からクリスチャンになった人は神様の結婚とセックスのデザインを知らなかったっていう人がほとんど。 
I know that very few people are virgins. Especially those who became a Christian later, most of them didn't know God's design for marriage and sex.

Many guys would have looked at porn on a regular basis and thought it was normal.

Perhaps some of you are regretting that you have opened God's GIFT for marriage.


But it's okay, you have hope too!

No matter how bad your past is, no matter how fallen you are, God will forgive you regardless of your past and give you a fresh start!

Even if your mistakes have resulted in pregnancy or if you had sex with many people in the past...

God is right there waiting to lift you up again!

(2 コリント 5:17)

(2 Corinthians 5.17)
Therefore there is now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The old has gone and the new has come.


Only Jesus has the power to restore purity to a person. Only Jesus can give you a new band-aid!

イエスを受け入れてクリスチャンになった時、あなたの今までの罪(間違った言動、考え)がすべて赦される。 イエス、自分の古いやり方を赦してください!あなたの道に従いたいです。といった瞬間にイエスがあなたの人生に入ってきてくれて、あなたの過去の過ちを全て赦してくれる。彼の目からみてピュアになれる。
When you receive Jesus and become a Christian you are totally forgiven for every sin and wrong thing you have ever done. When you say Jesus forgive my old way, I want to do it your way, he comes into your life and forgives everything you have ever done wrong. You are clean in his eyes.


(1ヨハネ 1:9 )

(1 John 1:9)
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.


He didn't just come to forgive you, he came to clean everything that is wrong in you and purify you.

ピュアってどういう意味? 汚れがないということ。 もともとの目的を変えるようなものは何も混ざってないってこと。
What does pure mean? Free from contamination. Free from mixture and anything that throws it off its original purpose.

(イザヤ 1:18) 「さあ、来たれ。論じ合おう。」と主は仰せられる。「たとい、あなたがたの罪が緋のように赤くても、雪のように白くなる。たとい、紅のように赤くても、羊の毛のようになる。

(Isaiah 1:18) Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Jesus can make you pure again, as white as snow!


Yes, there will be tough consequences of opening your "Present."

God will help you conquer this but it takes discipline on your side too.

You need to fight with your mind and memories and maybe you will need to work on things that may be natural for the couples who did not have any previous experience.

But importantly you need to forgive yourself because God has forgiven you.

And one day when you walk down that wedding run way you can look at your fiancée in the eyes and say I will be committed to your for the rest of our lives and mean with all of your heart and carry no guilt and shame.


イエスは私達の恥を全て取り去るために十字架にかかって死んでくれて私達を自由にしてくれた。 あなたの過去がどうであろうと関係ない! 違う未来を歩くことができる!
Jesus died on a cross to take away all our shame and set us free. It doesn't matter what your past was, you can have a different future!

To those who have not received Jesus.

The best step for amazing marriage and sex is to receive Jesus.

信仰が100%でなくてもいい。 聖書を通読していなくてもいい。 (100%の信仰の人はいない!)
It doesn't need to be 100%! (No one has 100% faith!) You don't have to make a decision after reading the whole Bible.

イエスから赦しを受け取ろう。 イエスを受け入れるっていうことは、神様に過去にしてきたことに対して赦しを受け取って、自分の方法ではなくてこれから神様の方法に従うって決心すること。 とってもシンプル!
All you need to do is to receive forgiveness from Jesus. Receiving Jesus means, you are telling God that you're sorry and you want to follow His ways not your own. It's that simple!

そして、教会にきて同じようにビジョンをもってピュアを守っている仲間たちと友達になろう^^  ビジョンをもってしっかりたっている若者がジーザスライフハウスにはいっぱいいます☆
And come to church and meet like-minded people who are fighting for purity and make friends! We have many great young people in Jesus Lifehouse who are holding on to their vision!!!


And to those who are Christian....

Make a commitment to stay pure.

Keep close to God and his words.

Wait in expectation for God's timing.


Waiting might mean that you will be the only one with out boyfriend/girlfriend in your circle.

For guys it will mean that you have to cut off porn sites and magazines even though your friends say that it's normal.

But God's best is really the BEST so you can be excited!!!

When you get married, you will realize the true value of what you were protecting.

God will give you the strength to wait!

1コリント 10:13 あなたがたのあった試練はみな人の知らないようなものではありません。神は真実な方ですから、あなたがたを耐えることのできないような試練に会わせるようなことはなさいません。むしろ、耐えることのできるように、試練とともに、脱出の道も備えてくださいます。

1 Corinthians 10:13 (New International Version)
No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.


It's totally worth the wait because when you get married and give yourselves to each other for the first time it's an amazing experience!

あなたは一人じゃない。 チャーチでは多くの人がビジョン握り締めて、ピュアを守ってる。 だからこそ、教会に根付くことが大事! 
You are not alone. In church so many people are holding on to their vision and protecting their purity. So that is why you should be planted in church.

まだチャーチに行った事ない人、根付いていない人は一度教会にきてみてください!あなたの居場所・・・あります^^ 一人でくるのが心細い人は連絡してください☆ 
If you haven't been to church before or not planted in church, please come and see our church! You will find your place here... :) If you are worried coming by yourself please feel free to contact me!


Next week I will post some FAQs :)


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なんでピュアが大事なの? Why is purity important?

聖書に基づいた 熱い結婚・セックス シリーズ続きます!!!
I will continued with HOT MARRIAGE and SEX based on the Bible.

If you haven't read it yet, you can read the INTRODUCTION.


独身のあなたへ- ビジョンを強くもって妥協しないで!!
To Single people- keep your vision strong and don't compromise!

箴言29:18 幻(ビジョン)がなければ民はほしいままにふるまう
Proverbs 29:18 (American Standard Version) 18 Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint

Restrain yourself because of the vision!! Keep pure. Work for your purity.

Luke and I worked for our purity before marriage.

ピュアを守ることは簡単じゃない。 特に相手への想いが大きくなればなるほど。結婚が近づけば近づくほど守ることがチャレンジになる。
It's NOT EASY to keep pure. Especially as your relationship develops, as you get closer to marriage, it gets harder and harder!

But it's totally worth it!!!


So why did we stay pure before marriage?

1.    自分の魂に価値をおいているから
I value my soul.

自分は動物ではない。 あなたも動物ではない。あなたには価値がある。 私たちはお互いの魂、感情、純潔に価値をおいた。
I am not an animal.  Your not an animal. Your valuable. We valued each others soul, emotions and her purity.

コミットメント(ずっと相手一筋でいる決意)は魂からくる。 バンドエイドのようなもの。バンドエイドを剥がすと痛いし、色々ゴミがくっついて汚れてしまう。
Commitment comes out of my soul. Commitment is like a band-aid.  If you rip it off it’s going to hurt and we have dirt on it and it will look dirty.


So many people put the band aid on and rip it off. And then we stick it on another place. If we keep on doing it and it won’t stick anymore!

Sex is a life uniting act, when young people have sex break up have sex break up, they wonder why they can’t stick anymore!

It’s like they don’t know how to bond as well with your spouse one day. You can't commit anymore after marriage

People who break up and go out with other person and break up again are practicing for divorce!!


Even science says that a married woman bonds more and more deeply with her husband each time her husband brings her to sexual fulfilment.

2.   セックス以外のもので関係を築くことができる。
I can work on non-sexual things.

セックスをしてしまうと、セックス以外の部分を築くのがむずかしい。 スキップしてしまうかんじ。
If you start having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend before marriage, sex will become he focus of the relationship and it will skip building the other parts of relationship.

People who skip the non sexual things in dating find that when they get married that the sex rules have changed!

Great sex depends on non sexual things.


ルークと私は8ヶ月遠距離恋愛をしていた。 その間、スキンシップすらとることができなかったから、たくさん会話した。 その間コミュニケーションをたくさんとることができて、お互いのことがより理解できた。
Luke and I were in a long distance relationship for approx 8 months. During that time, we couldn't touch each other so we talked A LOT! We were able to communicate a lot and get to know about each other.

For great sex between husband and wife, this foundation of trust and understanding that you built before marriage is SO IMPORTANT!


3.    結果
The results

6 million people in japan are year are getting sexually transmitted diseases a year from people who are not their spouse.

日本のセックスが荒れてしまってるのはセックスや結婚のビジョンにたいしての教育がないから。 だから、教会がセックスについてオープンに話さないといけない!
Japan is in sexually decay because there is no teaching and vision about marriage. And the church needs to speak about sex.

Many people who have sex before marriage are so confused.

どの関係でも土台は「信頼」。 でも、ほとんどの男性は女性とセックスをした後、その女性に対する信頼を失ってしまったといってる。 女性はもっと不安定になり、彼に執着するようになったという人が多い。
The foundation of any relationship is trust. Almost every guy said that after the first time they had sex with their girl they stopped trusting her.  Women said they feel more insecure and clingy to their boyfriends.


Fastest way to ruin the relationship is to have sex!

Also around 90% of men in relationships have a third person!

47% of married people in their 30s who were sleeping together before they were married in Japan are not having any sex in their marriage.


The biggest reason why we say don’t marry someone who is not a Christian is because of this.

神様だけが男性を正しい場所に引き戻してくれる。 神様がいなかったら、結婚の誓約(他のオプションを切り捨てて生涯相手一筋になること)の意味がわからない。浮気しない理由がない。 男性を妻に引き戻すだけの力は神様しかない。
God is the only one who brings men back to the true north. Without God, there is no anchor to pull him back to the covenant of marriage. (Cutting all options and loving one person forever)


4.  ビジョン   Vision.

神様の方法での結婚が最高だから! 人生のなかでずっと上昇していく!
Because God way of marriage is the best.  It goes up and up in the rest of their lives!

この世の中で二つのことが起きてる。 結婚前にセックスをしたくてしちゃって結婚あとに妻・夫とセックスをしなくなる人。 もう一つは短い間セックスを待って、その後ずっと最高のセックスライフをおくることができる夫婦。 
There are basically two things happening in the world. People who want sex before marriage and then have little then none with their wives/husbands after, then others who wait for a short time and then have great sex for the rest of their lives!

Which one do you want?

結婚したら、最高のセックス関係を築くために努力や戦っていかないといけないものはあるのといったら、もちろんある! でも、ピュアを保ってイエスを人生で一番にしたら、神様が中心となった最強の結婚生活をおくることができる。ずっとラブラブでいられる(^^)
Do you have to work and fight for a great sexual relationship when your married? Yes! But when you save your self and put Jesus first in your life, you have a God centered marriage that is so strong that it can last a life time!!

To be continued... 続く・・・・


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神様がデザインしたセックス God's plan for sex

聖書に基づいた 熱い結婚・セックス シリーズ続きます!!!
I will continued with HOT MARRIAGE and SEX based on the Bible.

If you haven't read it yet, you can read the INTRODUCTION.


前回、セックスは神様が夫婦同士で楽しむようにデザインしたプレゼントっていう話をした。 結婚という関係の中で夫と妻が楽しんで、二人の絆を最強にする強力接着剤のようなもの。 
Last time I talked about how sex is what God designed for husbands and wives to enjoy in the context of marriage. It's a gift! When a husband and his wife enjoy sex in marriage, it makes their marriage stronger, it's like SUPERGLUE.


diamond世の中のモデル= 結婚前にたくさんセックスして、結婚のあとは下り坂。子供が生まれた後はほとんどセックスしなくなる。 
The world's model is having a lot of sex before marriage and after getting married they don't have sex as much as before. After having children, many stop having sex.

また、クリスチャンの結婚前のピュアを守る話を聞いてもしかしたら、結婚前=セックスなし 結婚後=セックスが少ない というイメージを持っている人もいると思う。 それなら、ぜんぜんいいなって思わないよね。
Also if someone hears about Christian's view of purity before marriage, he/she might think, "no sex before marriage" and "few sex after marriage." That doesn't sound exciting either!

でも違うんです! But it's different.

Christian HOT marriage is

diamond 結婚前はセックスはしない(長い目でみたら短い期間)。でも結婚した後は、セックスを楽しむ!子供がうまれても、どんどん熱くなる。
No sex before marriage (only for a short period of time!) But after getting married, husband and wife can enjoy sex! It gets hotter and hotter even after having children!


Whats God's plan for sex?

The next scripture shows God's best design!!!

(1コリント7:2 メッセージバイブル訳直訳)  さて、あなたがたの手紙に書いてあったことについての質問に答えます。まず、性的な関係をもって良いかという質問にたいしてです。もちろんです。しかし、特定の条件があります。男性が妻をもつことが良いことです。そして女性が夫を持つことも良いことです。性的な要求は強いですが、結婚という絆がこの性的に乱れている世界の中でその強い要求をバランスよく、満たすことができます。

夫婦のベッドは両方の一致が必要です。夫が妻を満たすようにつくすこと、そして妻が夫を満たすようにつくすことです。結婚というのは「自分の権利を主張」する場所ではありません。ベッドの中でも外でもお互いのためにつくすという決断です。 お互いに同意した上で、期間限定で、祈りや断食という目的であれば、セックスを控えることも出来ますが、そういう特別な時だけです。すぐにまた交わりなさい。サタンは私達が予期しない時に巧妙に誘惑してきます。私はセックスを控えるようにといっているわけではありません。ただ、あなたがたがそうする場合においての最善のアドバイスを提供しています。

1 Corinthians 7:1-6 (The Message) 1 Now, getting down to the questions you asked in your letter to me. First, is it a good thing to have sexual relations? 2-6 Certainly—but only within a certain context. It's good for a man to have a wife, and for a woman to have a husband. Sexual drives are strong, but marriage is strong enough to contain them and provide for a balanced and fulfilling sexual life in a world of sexual disorder.

The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality—the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband. Marriage is not a place to "stand up for your rights." Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out. Abstaining from sex is permissible for a period of time if you both agree to it, and if it's for the purposes of prayer and fasting—but only for such times. Then come back together again. Satan has an ingenious way of tempting us when we least expect it. I'm not, understand, commanding these periods of abstinence—only providing my best counsel if you should choose them. 

We are to keep our sexual passion in the fireplace of marriage!

"Sexual drives are strong, but marriage is strong enough to contain them and provide for a balanced and fulfilling sexual life in a world of sexual disorder. "

Imagine this just for a second.

If you had a fireplace in your house and in one cold winter day you decide to warm the house up...

What if you decided to start the fire in the middle of your bedroom instead of in the fireplace?


何が起きると思う? 悲惨な事態が発生するよね! 家も燃えて、自分も焼けどする! 
What would happen? It will be a disaster! You'll burn the house down and get burnt!

But if we place it in the fireplace, where it is designed to be, the fire would be safe and also we can enjoy the warmth and comfort!


Our fire of sexual passion is also designed for the fireplace, the fireplace of marriage!

Keep your fire in your fireplace!!

結婚という関係以外のセックスは自己中。 ピュアじゃない。
Sex outside marirage there is nothing pure about sex, it's selfish.

女性のみんなに伝えたい・・・ 真の男はあなたのために、神様のためにピュアを守ってくれる。
We want to tell you girls... REAL MEN will protect your purity and his purity for you and God.

To have the best sex, absolute love, trust and commitment are necessary!

photo: Chie

Until you get the ring on your finger and then vow infront of God and others that he will take you as your wife he is not 100% committed to you!

If you hear things like,

"If you REALLY LOVE ME, it's NORMAL to have sex"

とか or

"This is the really important part of our relationship"

とか or

「1ヶ月待ったよ! 周りにこんなに待ってる奴いないよ」とか
"I've waited for 1 months! NO GUYS are as patient as I am!"

そういう台詞が聞こえたら 「自己中男 アラーム」を鳴らしてね!
the "SELFISH GUY" alarm should ring inside you!


男性の皆さん、ポルノやAVはどんどん自己中になる方法を学ぶだけ。 最高の夫婦関係が欲しかったら、人生からそのようなものを切り捨てて!
Pornography will teach you how to be selfish- If you want a great marriage you need to cut that out of your life.

This might shock you but if you choose God's way and make a decision to love your wife, nobody/nothing can satisfy your sexual area like your wife does. That is how God designed it! You need to believe in it.

Some people might say, "it sounds simple but it's really difficult to do that." 

そう。 難しいし、不可能。
Yes, that's right. It's difficult and it's impossible.


神様がいなければ、生涯 たった一人を愛しぬくことは難しくて、怖いこと。
Without God, commitment to one person for life life is difficult and scary.

Even those who are committed, there comes time when they get interested in someone else or cheat on their spouse.

神様がいなければ、特に男性は浮気しないでいる理由がない。 チャンスがおきたら、浮気を引き止めるものがない。
Without God, especially men, they have no reason NOT TO CHEAT. If opportunity arises nothing would stop them.

神様がいなければ、妻は 「恋心抱くだけならいいじゃん!」ってトワイライトに夢中になったり、夫以外の男性からときめきを求めるかもしれない。 特に子供が生まれた後は夫とセックスなんて考えられないっていう人達もいる。
Without God, women are likely to find the feeling of love somewhere else and get obsessed with TWILIGHT and fantasize about other men and say, "It's harmless!" Especially after having children I've heard many wives saying "I'm not interested in having sex with my husband anymore."

But for those who love God, commitment to love one person for life is exciting!

photo: Chie

Like in our relationship with God, when we say many small NO to other things and say YES to God, we will find our selves more satisfied in God. So when we commit exclusively to our spouse we will find ourselves the most fulfilled!

続く・・・ to be continued...



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熱い結婚! (イントロ) HOT MARRIAGE (Intro)

Last Tuesday Night was HOT!

だって・・・ メッセージのテーマが・・・
Because theme of Luke's message was about...

セックス  SEX


Luke and I spoke about SEX IN BIBLE


After the message, many people said, "I want a Christian Marriage!" and those who are not Christians yet said, "I was really inspired to hear Christian values and I want to really have marriage like yours!"

And also some men said, "I want to become a TRUE MAN for Jesus and my future wife!" Come on! I thought the future of Japan is promising!

We are really excited to see real men loving their wives, families will change and then the society will change!

So I was planning to share about God's design of marriage and sex on this blog for a while, so I will add to what Luke shared on Tuesday and share the sex message on my blog!

It's going to be long so I will share in sections.


聖書の中でのセックス SEX in the Bible

Maybe you are wondering why we talk about SEX in this church.

でも、世の中にはセックスがあふれている。 映画、雑誌、小説・・・ 
But the world is overflowing with sex! Moveis, magazines, novels...

Media says, SEX SELLS.


Some people might see Christians as people who don't have sex before marriage.

間違ってはいないけど・・・ That's not wrong but...

But if that's all you think, you're missing the point.

だって・・・ Because....

Christian Marriage is... HOT !!!!


Have you ever hear someone mention this?

Sex that the media is selling is just an imitation. It's not REAL. If you realise REAL sex you will find it cheap!


If you watch the celebrities life closely, you will always hear about their cheating and divorce news.

だから、伝えたい・・・。 神様のデザインを!!!  永遠に夫婦ラブラブでいる秘訣がつまってるから。
That is why we are passionate about telling God's design!! It's the key to stay passionate about each other forever!

If you want to know about the REAL sex, it's the best to ask WHO DESIGNED IT!

God created SEX from the beginning.

1. 神様が結婚のために与えてくれたの。
It was God's Idea for marriage. 

So God gives answers about sex in the Bible!

The Song of Solomon, written by King Solomon is "the love and sex book."

Because it's a HOT BOOK, people under 18 were forbidden to read it in the old times.

ここでソロモンがいってるのは、 「結婚生活の中でのセックスは素晴らしい」ということ。
Here Solomon says, "Sex in the context of marriage is AMAZING!"


At the beginning of Song of Solomon, it says this:

(雅歌1:2-3 メッセージバイブル訳)  もっと力いっぱいキスをして!あの方が私に口づけしてくださったらよいのに。あなたの愛はぶどう酒も最高で、あなたの香油のかおりはかぐわしく、あなたの吊は注がれる香油のよう。

Song of Solomon 1:2-3 (NIV) ‘Kiss me – full on the mouth! Your love is better than wine. 
Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out.

Wow, it sounds quite intense from the beginning... but this means God is saying that "Sex is great in marriage!"

Sex is a beautiful and powerful gift from God, designed for husbands and wives to enjoy in the context of marriage.


(創世記2:21-25) 神である主は深い眠りをその人に下されたので、彼は眠った。そして、彼のあばら骨の一つを取り、そのところの肉をふさがれた。神である主は、人から取ったあばら骨をひとりの女に造り上げ、その女を人のところに連れて来られた。  人は言った。「これこそ、今や、私の骨からの骨、私の肉からの肉。これを女と吊づけよう。男から取られたのだから。それゆえ男はその父母を離れ、妻と結び合い、ふたりは一体となる。 人とその妻は、ふたりとも裸であったが、互いに恥ずかしいと思わなかった。

Genesis 2:21-25 (NIV) 21 So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. 23 The man said,“This is now bone of my bones 
and flesh of my flesh; 
she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.”  24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.25 Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.

It's a gift! When a husband and his wife enjoy sex in marriage, it makes their marriage stronger, it's like SUPERGLUE.


Celebrates love and commitment.

ここに書かれているように、あなたは神様のかたちに創られた凄い価値のある存在。 体、魂、心をもっている。
As written above, you were created in the image of God with incredible value! You have a body, a soul and a spirit.

God created sex as a mystery of two becoming one in a marriage

子作りだけの目的ではない。 子供できたら、もう夫とセックスしたくないという話を結構聞くけど、それは寂しすぎる。
It's not just for making babies! I hear some women say that they don't want to have sex anymore afer they had their babies but that is so sad.

セックスは夫と妻が一番親密になれる方法。 誰よりも近くなれる。 もっとも親密なる方法で相手に自分のすべてを捧げる。だから、結婚生活のためにあ与えられたもの。
Sex is the highest form of intimacy between husband and wife. You become closer than anyone, giving yourself completely to someone in the most intimate way. That's why it's for marriage.

So God created the male and female. Men represents the masculinity if God; the strength and the protective and secure and gracious nature of God.

そして女性は神様の女性的な部分を象徴している。 神様の美しさとか神秘的な性質を現している。
Then women has the feminine side of God.  Women reflect the beauty and the mystery of God.

So when we have sex in marriage,  God’s masculinity and femininity gets together wrapped in a covenant. 


そして、結婚の中では裸になる。 裸というのは親密さ、オープンさをあらわしてる。
And there is nakedness in marriage. Nakedness represents closeness. 

結婚したら裸になる必要がある! 体だけではなく、心も、霊も相手に対して裸になること。
We need to get naked in marriage! Not only naked physically but also naked emotionally, naked and spiritually.

No doubt and nothing to hide. An honest and open relationship!

神様はクリスチャンのみんなにそのような親密で信頼関係が強くて正直な関係をもってほしいと思ってる。 あなたも持つことができる!
That's the kind of intimate, trust filled, honest relationships God wants for every marriage in the church! And you can have it too!

だからこそ、結婚相手以外の人の前で裸にならないでほしい。 彼氏、彼女、婚約者と裸にならないで!!! 結婚相手のためにキープしよう!
So do not get naked with anyone else beside your spouse!! Don't get naked with your BF,GF your fiancée! Let's save it for our future spouse!

続く・・・ To be continued!!!


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